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You are ENOUGH…

You are enough


You know those days when you just don’t have the patience; when you‘re tired, you or bub are under the weather and everything is just that much harder! Being pregnant again has brought me many more of these lack-of-patience days, and with that lack of patience has come a heap load of guilt. Guilt for snapping when my toddler follows me around whining ‘Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Muuuuummyyyyy’ whilst hanging off my leg. Guilt for not getting down on the floor and playing because it just feels like too much energy, and just turning on Peppa Pig… Again. Guilt for feeding him the same lunch every day for a week because I know he’ll eat it without complaining. Guilt for leaving the house in a state because I’ve not got the energy to clean it. Guilt, guilt, guilt…

These are the days when you need to know that you‘re not the only one struggling and feeling like the world’s crappest mother. If you‘re lucky, you‘ll have someone nearby who you can descend on, or meet at the park or at Costa, and you can let off steam and listen to their stories of the crappy times too and leave feeling lighter. But some days it feels like no one is around and you‘re driving around in the car – you crying in the front and your toddler screaming in the back and you‘re just praying he’ll fall asleep so you don’t have to go home and deal with parenting for any longer right now…. .
In my current, semi-rested, not-to-frazzled (yet) state, I can see that we all have these moments. I can see that it won’t irrevocably damage my child to be snapped at and realise that mummy gets frustrated sometimes too. That another episode of Peppa Pig is better than us both crying and pulling our hair out. That it might be the same lunch but at least he’s fed. And I can convince myself that it doesn’t matter if the house is a tip as long as the people inside it are doing ok. .
But in those dark moments how do you remember that you‘re doing your best and that everyone feels like this. You have to remember that you are enough, that your child doesn’t need any more or anyone else and that these times pass and there are many, many amazing moments to motherhood too. So that’s why, this week I have treated myself and Pug to a little present. A bracelet to remind us each that we are enough, that we do our best and that our kids are doing pretty bloody well (even if I do say so myself).
You are enough

I am enough. I know that really, and this is to remind me when I forget.

Love Pinky
You can get your own bracelet from Annie James with 10% off with the code PINKY&PUG10 until the end of July. And I’m not being paid to sell these or anything, I just think they’re fab and that every mum should have one!

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