Life According to Pinky and Pug

What I learnt in my first year of motherhood…

Last week my baby boy turned one. This felt like a huge milestone. It seems remarkable that the little bundle that was placed on my chest at 4.03pm on that Monday afternoon is a whole year old!! A lot has changed in that year. He’s no longer a little creature I’m trying to keep alive. He’s my child, my son who I have a huge amount of love for. He’s this gorgeous little boy who looks really quite cute (not at 3am mind you). He giggles and babbles and makes me laugh. He eats like a beast and has some dance moves that I really do think are quite remarkable 😉 I’m finally getting more sleep, except when he’s teething which seems to be happening quite a bit at the moment!! But most importantly I finally feel like a mummy; I don’t feel like I’m just making it through each day, there’s a pattern and a purpose to my days and that, my friends, is what I call motherhood.

I’ve learnt a lot in the last year, more than I thought was possible; here’s my top 10…

1. Having a wee in peace is a treat!
Peeing alone2

2. Getting ready in one whole sitting does not happen.


3. No matter how much you deny it you will be covered in poo and sick. What’s worse, you will notice said sick as you leave the house, and shrug because you just don’t care.


4. Sleep becomes precious; you will become the crazed person rocking in the corner counting how many hours you had last night on one hand!!


5. Your lady bits will no longer be the same… ever…


6. The friends you make since becoming a mummy will be your best friends ever!! You may chat to them throughout the night and talk about your milk supply, breast size, and lady bits but you probably won’t know much of their backgrounds or life stories. However, they will be your friends for life and will have saved your sanity!


7. Parenting is hard. Of course people told you this BC (before child), and of course you thought they were fibbing and just needed to man up. But parenting really is hard!


8. Emotional extremes hit you hard. One minute you are on top of the world and the next minute you are dive bombing to utter misery because you’ve just had snot fuelled weetabix sneezed into your face and you really do deserve more than this in life!!


9. Your child’s screams will tear through your chest and leave a massive hole in your heart and leave you on the brink of tears yourself. You may have decided BC that you will try the ‘cry it out method’ and those who run back to their cherubs are soft and stupid. But then you had your child and discovered those screams rock the very core of your being!!!


10. Just when you thought you had life figured out and you knew who you were, you had a baby and that changed everything. You doubt yourself, you’re full of anxiety and feel overwhelmed by nappies and sleepless nights. Most days you don’t know whether you’re coming or going!! The one thing you can be sure of, however, is that you have produced this wonderful little bundle of love. You are doing the best that you can! And that smile and those chubby little arms reaching up for a cuddle confirm everything!!


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