Life According to Pinky and Pug

A toast to us Mamas

Four years ago I fell pregnant with Pinky Jnr and my body was no longer just mine. It was working hard to grow a whole new human right from scratch. Once he arrived my body began to produce this amazing milk, tailored just for him and ever changing every day to deliver just what his brain and body needed to develop. 18 months later I fell pregnant again, once again trusting my body to grow another perfectly formed tiny person. For seven months I grew that baby while still breastfeeding Pinky Jnr until he eventually weaned just after his second birthday. 2 months later Little Miss Pinky was born and we’re currently just over a year into our breastfeeding journey.

When you write it down like that it seems pretty amazing that my body just does all that, without any know-how from me (and, I might add, without a full night’s sleep for over 3 years!) Yet every morning I still look in the mirror and wish my stomach was flatter, then I stand on the scales and wish the numbers would drop faster. Why is that the focus? It shouldn’t be. We should celebrate our post baby bodies, our mum tums and our boobs that will never quite be the same… Our bodies have performed miracles, all the while continuing with ‘normal life’. So tonight my friends, let’s give ourselves a break. Let’s give in to our cravings for cake or biscuits or wine, or whatever your fancy, and let’s celebrate what we’ve accomplished!!

Cheers Mamas 🍷

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