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Life According to Pinky and Pug

To the Mummy on the edge today

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To the mummy on the edge,

Don’t fret, don’t feel guilty, we’re all there some days. Let me take a guess; rubbish night? Depleted energy stores? Crabby baby who’s suffering from teething or a cold, and is sharing his struggles with you? All your normal tricks that distract your toddler from near-melt-down just aren’t cutting it today. Argh!!! Some days just suck!!

Today your normal happy, I’ve-got-this-motherhood-lark-in-the-bag self is losing the will. You really need some space from your baby, but they need the opposite and just want you. So instead of swearing and locking yourself in a dark room, you take a deep breath and tell yourself that you’re the grown up, you’re the mummy and you can get through this.

Just know that we all have days like this. When you’re desperate for some space from the screams that rattle your brain and drive you insane, know that it’s all part and parcel. Today is hard, but hopefully tomorrow will be better. Only worry about getting through the next half an hour though, don’t think about the whole day. Get through this activity and just get to nap time, or go for a walk, or a drive, or whatever will give you a moment’s peace to regain some sanity.

It’s hard, but you’ve got this.

Love from another mummy on edge today xx


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