Thank you for the zzz’s, little Dubby Bear! – A FindMe Bear Review

Parenting first time around I bought everything I could find that promised me more sleep – Pinky Jnr DID NOT SLEEP and I would try anything. Nothing helped!! Second time around I’m a massive sceptic (probably due to the wasted £££) so I wasn’t sure if to offer to review the FindMe bear, or if someone with a ‘better’ sleeper should test it – but then I figured that a tough client is the ultimate test!

I half wondered if it was too late to introduce it to Little Miss at 16 months, but Julie (the creator of FindMe bear) assured me it wasn’t. In the last 16 months I’ve obviously tried clipping her dummy to soft toys, her clothes, or her car seat so we don’t lose them all night and every few minutes in the car, but the clips make her cross and she yanks them off and chucks them (helpful)!

So little FindMe bear arrived in it’s lovely little white gift box, all curled up safely inside. The little bear is snuggled into a square of fabric and sewn on the next corner is a short length of ribbon with a popper which allows a dummy to be securely attached.

As we use MAM dummies I needed to push on a MAM dummy attachment thingy and then I could pop on a dummy. At bedtime I gave Little Miss the bear and sure enough she tried to rip the dummy right off. BUT little FindMe bear is a tough cookie, he held on tight! And once in the throws of our bedtime routine of boob, dummy, boob, dummy for as long as it takes, she forgot that the dummy was attached and went with it.

I put her down in her cot with little Dubby Bear, as he’s affectionately become known (dummies are dubbies here as Pinky Jnr couldn’t say dummy when Little Miss was born!), expecting to be up at least once in the evening and then to bring her into my bed at 11pm for boobs and snuggles for the rest of the night. But I didn’t hear a PEEP until 2am!! 2AM! This is unheard of!

The next night wasn’t so good and I lost a bit of faith, but across the last week she has woken significantly less both in the evening, and once in with me – last night I think I slept a 6 hour chunk…!!

5 days in and she shares her dubby with the little bear – geniunely the cutest thing ever – so I think it’s safe to say that she’s accepted him.

So overall, if you’re wondering if to give it a go, I’d say this: If you spend your evening up and down the stairs, fishing around a cot a warp speed to find the dummy before your little one wakes enough to need more input; then why not go for it. If you’re thinking, ‘can’t I just clip it to a regular soft toy?’, then yes, sure try it – but no clip held on tight enough for that to work for us, so I believe this bear really does do his job well.  He’s only £10 and the product itself is really soft and lovely, and you might even get more sleep! And right now you can get 10% off using the code FBFINDME at the checkout when you buy directly from


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