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We met 10 years ago while at uni. We were on the same course, Psychosocial Sciences, so from that we thought we knew all about child psychology and development… and parenting too!! Our friendship continued after we graduated, with the odd night out in Chicago’s on cheap cocktails thrown in for good measure 😉

We fell pregnant within three months of each other. We were excited. We spent a lot of time together comparing sick stories; yep Pinky threw up after a curry and Pug really did spew up baked beans all up her stairs!! We compared bumps and dreamt about the little loves that were growing within, picking out matching outfits whenever we went shopping. We spent hours talking about the parents we would be; Pinky bouncing on her birthing ball and Pug taking deep breaths to avoid the sickness that just wouldn’t fade! Of course we were going to amazing. Surely it couldn’t be that hard?! Oh the naivety!!

And then the babies arrived. Pinky Junior first and two and a half months later along came Junior Pug. This was when our friendship moved to the next level. We breast fed together, of course we compared latches and milk flow! We sent text messages throughout the night ‘are you awake, this baby will not sleep’. We cried, we laughed, we mopped up baby sick. All the while texting and talking and keeping each other sane. The middle of the night photos of exploding nappies and rants about Mr Pinky and Mr Pug are what kept us going. We used to say that we should start sharing our conversations to help other mummies like us. And this is where ‘Life. According to Pinky and Pug’ was born. Oh and by the way the funny names are childhood nicknames, details in another post for another time!

So please share with us and journey with us. We are two best friends attempting motherhood together. Join our tribe 🙂

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