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Mummy Mantras

Sometimes motherhood can test your patience, and push your frustration levels to their absolute limits. During these moments I rely on my ‘Mummy Mantras’- things I can say to myself to ease the burden, and remind me that it won’t always be this way. If you’re having one of those days (or nights), stay strong and I hope these help in some small way.

1. The one I tell myself most often is-

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I read this when my son was very young. I don’t remember who said it, but it has helped me to calm my frustrated-self on many occasions and it really it easier to just be tired and not frustrated if you can.


This is an oldie but a goodie – Sometimes when things feel hard, they feel like this will be your life forever.  Instead I try to think about how fast my son is growing up and the moments I will miss once he’s much older (and those that I won’t!!).

3. Mantra4

This is like the classic – What doesn’t kill you makes your stronger.  I find it helpful to remind myself that when things are really tough, I am learning from it and what I learn will help me in the future.

4. Mantra9

And by the same token, you need those bumps in the road to learn from.  Without them life might be easy, but it would also be dull.

5. Mantra5

This one we need to shout from the rooftops! Comparing your life, your baby, your family, your situation, or your struggles to anyone else will only make you feel so much worse.  OK, so you’re having your 400th sleepless night and it feels like everyone around you has perfectly sleeping babies, and you just want to scream and cry about how it’s not fair!? We’ve all been there, but it’s SO not helpful.  Those mums who babies’ sleep will be having their fair share of issues, whether they present them to the outside world or not.  Don’t compare; just know that this is hard, and that we’re all doing what we can to enjoy our babies and survive the rest.


In the world of motherhood, there is way too much unwanted advice.  Even when advice is given by a well meaning friend or family member, unless you whole-heartedly agree, then just nod and smile and forget all about it. You gotta do what’s right for you.

7. Mantra7

Just tried something and it blew up in your face?  At least you tried…

8. Mantra8Before children, we all have those pictures in our head of perfect family moments.  Sadly, life with babies is so much harder than anyone predicts, but those amazingly perfect moments are there.  Don’t lose sight of them, and every so often try to stop, and commit them to your memory – they’ll help when all hell breaks lose and you wonder what on earth you’re doing with your life!!

9. Mantra6

Choose wisely – don’t make it the washing up!!

10. Mantra10



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