Cheeky Wipes: A Review

The other day I saw a Facebook ad for cheeky wipes – reusable baby wipes. I love the idea of being more environmentally friendly and using reusable baby products, but when it came to reusable nappies I didn’t know where to start and just bought pampers and now can’t imagine using anything else. I’ll be honest; laziness is a big factor too… I struggle to do enough washing to get our clothes clean, let alone anything extra!
So you may be wondering why these wipes interested me. Because ignoring nappy change time, I feel bad using disposable wipes when something reusable is available. Pinky Jnr has been known to be a VERY messy eater (ask Pug, she couldn’t believe the photos!) so it uses a lot of baby wipes to clean him (and he likes to try and eat / shred them…) I try and use jay clothes but a) Pinky Jnr hates them- and I mean he goes mental just seeing them coming and b) they end up sitting on the side of the kitchen sink going rank and are never clean and ready to use when I need them, so I chuck them out and get another one- rather defeating the point!!
So, enter cheeky wipes– hands & face kits!
You get:
  • 25 super soft micro-fibre wipes in all rainbow colours.
  • A box to keep them all in.
  • 2 drawstring, waterproof bags to keep your fresh and dirty wipes in and separate when you’re out and about.
  • A mesh bag for your dirty wipes.
  • Lavender and chamomile essential oils to keep the wipes smelling nice and as an antibacterial agent.
The first thing you have to do is make up your wipes– add water and essential oils to the box and pop your wipes in. THAT’S IT!!
But what will Pinky Jnr think… Enter messy eating porridge monster….
He frigging loved them! Like actually signed ‘more’ and turned his chubby cheek up to me for more strokes of the wipe!! They’re just so much softer than what we normally use. I gave him one so he could explore and play with it. He wiped his face, he hands, even his legs and feet!!
Also being micro-fibre they hold onto the muck- so I didn’t just move porridge around his face like I end up doing with baby wipes.  One cheeky wipe cleaned him and his high chair up perfectly.
That morning we met some friends at soft play, so as I was packing up his lunch I just chucked a few more wipes in my ‘fresh’ wipes bag and chucked that and the mucky bag in his lunch bag. So easy.
After lunch I got my cheeky wipes out to clean him off. They’re so much prettier than wet wipes..!
The fresh wipes last for 2-3 days in their box.  Then you just need to wash and re-stock them.  No need for any special treatment though, just chuck them in whatever wash is going on – from 20°C-70°C, and they can be tumbled or line dried too.
I’m super impressed with cheeky wipes and would high recommend them.  Even if you don’t use them out and about, their so handy to have around the house for baby spills and mucky mealtimes.  I’m asking Father Christmas for a mucky wipes box too so they have a nice neat home too.
BONUS: They smell good and cover up yucky smells. Anyone who knows me knows I hate bananas, even the smell makes me gag. But, determined as I was not to pass this on to Pinky Jnr, he can’t get enough of them… But the cheeky wipes smell so nice they totally cover the banana smell leave him smelling so muuuuch better (if not slightly like an old lady!).

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